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Living together is what strengthens the bond of brotherhood and Iowa State Triangle has never had a better home to build the bonds of brotherhood than our new house at 2136 Lincoln Way.  Triangle’s home is at the heart of ISU’s Greek neighborhood, providing maximum exposure for the Triangle name.  The house is less than five years old and is by far the crown jewel of Greek houses at Iowa State.


Our crown jewel home in the heart of Greek-ville will provide Triangle brothers of all generations a place to gather in Ames.  The alumni leadership is committed to ensuring that the cost of the facility is not a burden on the growing chapter.  Several alumni have already pledged their support and we ask each alumnus to make a gift to support our chapter.  Our goal is to secure at least $1,000,000 in donations, in addition to the $1,000,000 lead gift we have already received.  This ambitious goal allows each of us among the opportunity to give back.  We have engaged the Triangle Education Foundation to staff the campaign and work with the volunteer leadership towards our goal. Working with the Triangle Education Foundation provides alumni a variety of giving opportunities, including tax deductible giving, the ability to make gifts directly from Retirement Accounts including Required Minimum Distributions.  Alumni may also make grants from a family foundation or Donor Advised Fund.


As of December 2020 we have surpassed our $2,000,000 goal with more than $2,200,000 raised.  We are still accepting gifts until March 2021.

Thank you to the following alumni and friends of Triangle who have already made a gift!



$250,000 - $499,999

Mr. Richard Soukup is65     Ed & Ana McCracken is64


    Mr. Keith Gustafon is66

$50,000 - $99,999

Mr. Ron & Terri Moore is66     Mr. Daniel Diesburg is64     Dr. Vincent L. Hoellerich is75     Mr. Lynn Davis is65

$25,000 - $49,999

Mr. Ted Newton is66     Mr. John Gould is66            Mr. John Pritchard is82    

Mr. & Mrs. Joel & Beth Allen is75     Mr. John Greene is73    Mr. Mike Goeser is73     Mr. Robert Balsbaugh is74

Mr. Michael Galey is66      Mr. Bob & Lori Goehring is76     Mr. Chester R. Budney is67

$10,000 - $24,999

Mr. David Schickerath is68     Mr. Laurence Medberry is66

$5,000 - $9,999

Mr. Jason Carroll is02          Dr. Theodore Settle is64      Mr. Chris Moe is92     Mr. Harold Warner is66     

Mr. David Hoyt is66     Mr. William Griffith is67     Mr. Troy Van Caster is86

$1000 - $4999

Mr. Aaron Girson                          Mr. Lynn Davis is65                      Mr. James Hooper is66     Mr. Chad Whitman is00     Mr. Kyle Robertson is01     Mr. Dan Price is82  

Mr Rick Hautekeete is87     Mr. Glenn Vondra is66     Mr. CJ Hoffman marq04

Mr. Rex Dickens is66            Mr. Thomas Fierke is70     Mr. Dean Vance is66

Mr. Joel Winbigler is02     Mr. Paul and Mrs. Patricia Cassingham is77     Mr. Jeffy Hansen is66

Mr. John Poyzer is64     Mr. Timothy Sullivan     Mr. Jason Henry is88     Mr. Roger Noll is71

Mr. Jim Ampe is83     Michael Kinney is75     


$25 - $999

Mr. Dan Brown is70     Mr. Scott Bova     Mr. Justin Richardson is09     Mr. Ryan Clemens is06

Alicia & E.J. O'Donnell-Lines is14     Mr. Jonathan Fischer is91     Mr. Bruce Dickens is69     Mr. Cody Stultz is14     Mr. Michael Rouse is99     

Mr. Lance Juffer is98     Mr. Drew Hopson     Mr. James Arentson is97

     Mr. William "Chip" Schwickerath is70     Mr. James Meier-Gast is89

(donors as of 12/18/2020)


Please contact Foundation Vice President Aaron Girson ( or 317-203-4510) with any questions.  You may also set-up your secure gift online by filling out the information below:

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